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Control Board

avolite prGrand MA IIchamsys mq500

  Avolites Rolacue Pearl Expert Tour Pkg. 2048 DMX Ch.(Controls Automated Luminaries & Basic lights)
  Avolites Rolacue Pearl 2008 Tour Pkg. 2048 DMX Ch.(Controls Automated Luminaries & Basic lights)
  Avolites Pearl Tiger
  Avolite Pearl Tiger Touch 2048 Ch DMX
  Chamsys MQ 500 Stadium Series, MQ80, Mq60 & Extra Wing Compact
  Grand MA II Light 4096 HTP/ LTP (6 DMX out 3072)
  Grand MA II Faderwing & NPU & MA 2Port Node
  Hog 4 Tour pkg 8 USB Ports, DP8000
  Road Hog 4
  Elation Scene Setter 24ch
Elation Stage Setter 12\24ch
  Leprecon LP-X24 DMX 512 ch (Touch Screen Monitor optional) (Controls Automated Luminaries & Basic Lights
  Leprecon LP-1500 2 scene 48ch, 36ch memory and soft patch
  Leprecon LP-624 & LP-612, 2 Scene Memory Control (24 and 12 ch)
Chauvet Stage Designer 50 (12ch)
  Chamsys MQ 500 Stadium Series, MQ80, MQ60, MQ20 & Extra Wing Compact
  Grand MA II Faderwing & NPU & MA 2Port Node,  GrandMA 3 Light 8,192 (HTP/LTP) Mode2  4096

Dimmer Rack

leprecomLeprecon VX-2400 Touring Racks 48ch x 2.4kw, 36ch x 2.4kw and 24 ch x 2.4 Kw

Lighting Trussing System

truss   Quick Grid Black 23.5" X 29" and Quick Grid Top Black (Truss Ladders from Global Truss)
  Thomas Pre Rigged aluminum box truss, G.P. & Super Truss- Thomas 20.5” x 20.5” x 10’ & 5’ G.P.- Thomas 18” x 12” x 10’, 5’, 2’.6” & 1’ aluminum truss, G.P. & Super Truss
  Universal 12”x12”x10’, 5’ & 2’.6” Aluminum Truss GP
  Triangular Trusses 22” x 10’, 18” x 10’, & 14” x 10’, Circle Truss 10’, 14’, 20’, 24’, Heart Truss 24’, 1 octagon 24’

Chain Hoist

chainCoffing 1 ton: 16fpm, 3 phase 208,1/2 Ton 33 fpm 3 phase 208 & Coffing 300 lbs.. 110 volts & 8 way motor controller.

Stagemaker, 1 ton, 32fpm, 3 phase 208

Ground Support

thomas ground support
thomas ground support2
Thomas two ton tower system 42.5’ High
Genie Super tower 24ft. 650pds. Load capacity
XL-16 Applied elect. 16ft. 500pd, Litron Towers 15’ 300pds & XL-11 applied elect. 11ft. 200 pd


stagingComplete Staging, Ground Supports & Platforms (all from Staging Concepts)


Conventional / Par Cans / Leekos / Fresnell

pan cans lighting pr Par 64 & Par 56 Steel and aluminum (VN, N, MF 1000w, Ray Light 600w, ACL 600w & ACL 250w)
Source 4 Pars & Source 4 Parnels, Opti Par 400w., Opti Zoom 400w. & Opti Par 30 75w.
10” Fresnels Altman 2k, 8” Fresnels Strand 2k, 6” Fresnels 500 watt
ETC (Source 4’s. 50°, 36°, 26°, 19°, 10°).
Scoop 1000 watts 14” focusing, CYCs 1000 watts Thomas, Altman & Ministrips MR 16 75w (6’, 4’, 2’)
Spot Bank (6 Par 64, 8 Par 36 & 4 Par 36 from Thomas)
Ovation Leeko E-930VW
Ovation Leeko E-910FC
Ovation Leeko E-190VW
Ovation Fresnel 915VW
Ovation Fresnel 165VW
Ovation Fresnel 95VW
ARC Led 1054 PR 54x10w RGBW
ARC Led 1027 PR 27x10w RGBW

Follow Spots

lycian-long-throw-model Lycian 1290 XLT Xenon 2000 watts (200’ - 600’ throw) or Strong Super Trouper Xenon 2 KW
Lycian Super Arc-400 HTI (150’ - 450’ throw)
Lycian Starklite 1200HMI (20'-80'throw)
Lycian Midget HP-575 HMI (60’ - 175’ throw)-
Lycian Super Club Spot (1238) (40’ – 100’ throw)
Lycian Club Spot (1203) ( 20’ - 70’ throw), QF-1000 Times Square (20’ - 100’ throw)


hmi 4 Kw, 2.5 Kw Arri Fresnels, 1.2 Kw Arri Par, 575 Altman Fresnel (magnetic ballast), 200 HMI Par Strand with Electric Ballast
ELATION TVL 4000 LED panel, TVL 3000 LED panel, TVL 2000 LED panel


Colorado 2 Quad Zoom VW

Ovation Leeko E-910FC, E-190WW

Ovation Fresnel 165ww, 95ww & CYC C-640 FLWW


Curtains & Decorative Props

LED RGB CurtainsLED RGB Curtains 20'x13', Black Prism, Silver Holo., Red Burgundy Velour, Spandex, Decorative Props, Kabuki, Curtain Tracks & Black Drop for Stages


Clear-ComComplete Clear Com System (Head-Sets) and PRO Intercom LLC.

Pyrotechnics Effects

effectsComplete line of Pyropack, Le Maitre, Ultratec & RES with Puerto Rico & ATF Prism II from LE Maitre (Color flames system) Maniac Flames from Ultratec

Programmable Moving Lights

concert lighting2

VL 6000 BEAM (1500w)
VL-4000 Beam/Wash (1.2kw-1.4kw)
VL-3015 LT Spot (1,500w.) (Vari-Lite)
VL-3000 Spot (1,200w.) (Vari-Lite)
VL-2500 Spot CYM (700w)(Vari-Lite
VL-1000 arc 575 w/shutters (Vari-Lite)
Mac 2000 (1,200w.) (Martin)
Platinum Spot 15R Pro (300w equivalent to 700w)(Elation)
Platinum Beam 5r (Elation)
Platinum Beam 5r Extreme (Elation)
Rogue R2 Spot LED (Chauvet)
Colorado 2 Quad Zoom VW
Cyberlights Turbo (HES)
QSpot 560 LED (Chauvet)
Mega Pointe 470W Hybrid (Robe)
Rogue Hibrid RH1 (Chauvet)
Automated wash Luminaries
VL3500 Wash (1500w) (Vari-Lite)
VL-3000 wash (1,200w.) (Vari-Lite)
VL-2500 wash (700 w.)(Vari-Lite)
VLX LED Wash (840w)(Vari-Lite)


Studio Command & Beam 700 (HES)
High Ground and High Ground Moon Flower 2KW HMI Lamp.
Moving Yoke changes color, outdoor / indoor. (Novalight)
Studio Color 575 (HES)
Impression Zoom 120Z LED (Elation)
Shapeshifter C1
Robe Spiider 600W LED
Next NXT-1 25 led x 10watts moving head led panel
Qwash 560Z LED & Qwash 260 LED (Chauvet)
ACL 360 Bar 7-15 w MOVING Head (Elation)
Chorus Line 16 16k 40w RGBW Moving bar led (Elation)
Next NXT-1
Pixid Mappable
Ovation Leeko E-910FC, E-190WW
Ovation Fresnel 165ww, 95ww & CYC C-640 FLWW

concert lighting

Architectural Lighting

musique xpress lighting pr Colorado Range IP 180-5W LED (wash)
Colorado Ridge IP 90-5W LED (wash)
Century Color 2500w. CYM Color Mixing (wash)
PR Design 250 (wash)


lcdled screen installation pr
led screen rental prled screen system pr

OMNISISTEM G-TEK SMD LED STRIP/MESH 31.25mm (Outdoor/Indoor) 70' x 20'
OMNISISTEM G-TEK SMD LED STRIP/MESH 20mm (Outdoor/Indoor) 44'x21'
OMNISISTEM G-TEK SMD 15mm FLEX LED Screen 40'X15' (Out door /Indoor)
About Show Delta 12 12.5mm smd. 23.62" x 5.90" Total 90 pcs
OMNISISTEM G-TEK SMD LED 10mm Screen Indoor 10.0 mm 20' x 14'
Absen LED Screen 10mm (Outdoor/Indoor) 20'x15'
Absen LED Screen 7mm (Outdoor/Indoor) 40' x 15'
Yes Tech 5.9mm SMD straight or Curve (Outdoor/indoor) 60'x30'
Yes Tech 3.9 SMD Straight or Curve (indoor) 35'x11.66'
Luxon 2.97 SMD Black face LED Screen 20’x13.33’

LED fixtures



Led Tubes 4’,   Electro Panel 192 (LED Color Panel with 192 LEDs)
BrainPanel 8 (Led Matrix Column),   Chauvet Colorado Batten 72 RG WA 72 1 Watt
Trackpod-81 (LED mini strip 32”) (81x8),   Chauvet Colorado
Theatrix Pro 48 LED   LED Bar Strip (Tei) 36' 384 10 mm LED
Design LED Pro (36 3watt Outdoor LED)   F-165 Ovation Fresnel 165watt LED 13°-54°  zoom (Equal to 1k)
Design LED 36 (36- 1watt LEDs)   F-95 Ovation Fresnel 95 watt LED 10°-54° zoom (equal to 500w)
Chauvet Colorado 1IP (42-1W RGBW Outdoor)   E-190 Ovation Elipsoidal 190watt LED (equal to 1kw)
Chauvet Colorado 2Quad Zoom VW (14-15W)   C-640 FC Ovation CYC LED RGB 64x5 watt
Chorus Line 6 (16 X 40w RGBW) Moving Bar Led Elation   EZ Wash Battery Wireless Led Chauvet
Chauvet Colorado 3IP 54-1 watt (Outdoor)   Colorado DASH Block 28 - 1w
Colorado Dash Block 28-1 watt   Fusion FX Bar 3 & UV LED 16
Freedom Par Quad 4IP - Battery Wireless Outdoos (Chauvet)   NEXUS 4X4 RGB LEDS (CHAUVET)
Octopod – 80 (LED Par 30)   Polaris Zoom with Swirl Effect 7x15 
Chauvet freedom mini strips battery wireless   RGBW, Wireless, IP67 Outdoor
Omnisitem Passport Thin Par LED 12x10watt RGB battery wireless   Corona Retro Light RGBWA & Stand
Omnisitem Passport mini LED 5x15watt RGB battery wireless   Color Bar SMD LED 648 Chauvet
MegaPanel LED (LED Color Panel with 288 10mm LEDs)   Colorado 1 Solo 60W Zoom Outdoor
EZ Wash Battery Wireless Led Chauvet   LED Fan 7070 RGB DMX (Omnisistem)
Freedom H1   ETec LED FAN 7070 27" RGB DMX (Omnisistem)
E-190 Ovation Elipsoidal 190watt LED    
E-930 vw    
F-165 Ovation Fresnel 165    
F-915 VW    

Special Effects


LaserShow 2

Laser (1 Watt & 500 MW Green Laser, Beams & Graphics) (Q-Beam & Q-Scan), Bliss Light 50 & 15 Produces a green Star Field and Blue Nebula Cloud
Laser Unicorn 8.6 Watts RGB Aerial & Graphics. (Pangolin)
Laser Leo 1.1 Watts RGB Aerial & Graphics. (Pangolin)
Complete line of discotheque light effects: dry ice, LSG (Low Smoke Generator CO2 with road case), smoke machines, Nimbus dry ice machine, DF-50, Pyro Fog, Confetti CO2 (for outdoors),
Cannons, blowers, snow machines and others.
Atomic (Martin)
The Jungle Mist System: Creates a steamy fog effect.
SL Nitro 510
Storm 1,000 RGBW Led Strobe/Wash Outdoor (Intellasystems)
CO2 Jet System: White jets of CO2 can be programmed to project from a moving head or Cryo Jets (no moving head)
Sky Dancers: Illuminated inflables dancing tubes.
Matrix MX-25 Blinder (OmniSistems) similar to Jarag 5 25-75watts 10 degree lamps DMX Controled
Omnisistem Dancing Balls RGB
Nova Blinder VW 4x10w LED
UV 4x10w LED
Dancing LED Balls
Nova Blinders (Outdoors)

Video & Graphics

AI Media Server T-8 PRO 2X HD/SDI Inputs
Catalyst Pro Version 4 Media Server (High End)
1 MAC computer with Modul 8 V 2.6 Software or PVP
Pioneer SVM-1000 Professional Audio/Video Mixer & Effects, Roland V8 & P-10 Professional A/V Switcher & Sampler
9'x12', 7.5'x10' & 6'x8' Video Screens with dress kits, 4,000 & 4,500 lumens EIKI Projectors, Sony HXR-MC2000n Cameras
Black Magic Atem M/E Broadcast Panel
Black Magic ProdStudio 4K Switcher
Black Magic Video Hub
Black Magic Deck Studio Pro 2 Recorder
Novastar VX4S Processor & Schaller
Magnimage 780H 4K
EIKI Projector 7500 Lummens
Video Screen 6'.9"x12' & 9'x16'  with dress kit
Catalyst Pro Version 4 Media Server (High End)
NOVASTAR C-1 Event Console & N9 - J6  Video Processor

Search Lights

maxresdefault Sky Tracker Single Beam Seven (7) kilowatt
Multi Beam Search Light Booster 4kw & 2.5kw,
Single Max 4K HMI.
Singles 1.2kw HMI.


cable 4/0 Stage Lighting cable 115’, 2/0 Welding Cable 50’ & 100’
4/5 Cable 100’, 4/4 Cable 50’ & 100’, 4/3 Cable 50’ & 100’
12/3 Extensions Pin to Pin connectors, 12/3 Extensions Single 50’ & 100’, Twofers

Power Distribution Racks

dimmer 220v (Moving Lights) 1 main breaker three phase 400 amp., 8 Socapex load, 24x20 amp. Two pole breaker, LCD Voltage Meter Panel, Opto Isolator, 1 AUX 2 stage pin and 8 duplex U-Gnd.
220v (Moving Lights) 1 Main breaker, single/three phase 300 amp., 6 Socapex load, 18 x 20 amp two pole breakers, LCD Voltage Meter Panel, Opto Isolator, 1 AUX 6 stage pin and 3 duplex U-Gnd.
110v (Moving Lights) 280 M mains breakers, single/three phase 180 amp., 6 Socapex load, 18 x 30 amp. breakers, 1 LCD Voltage Meter Panel, Opto Splitter and 1 AUX 6 Stage Pin and 3 Duplex U-Gnd.
110V Non Dimmable 30 x 20 Amp. Breakers, 12 Female Stage Pin, 12 Female Edison Duplex.

Electrical Generators

generators Energy Dynamics 175kw & 60 Kw Portable Diesel Generators
Atlas Coptco 100 Kw Portable Diesel Generators
MQ Power Whisperwatt 70 Kw & 25 Kw Portable Diesel Generators

Outdoors Roofs

Outdoor roof 1

Outdoor roof 2

Outdoor roof 3

Thomas two ton per tower (load bearing) 72’ x 56’ x 40’ high (8 towers)
Thomas two ton per tower 60’x55’x32½’ high, 60 x 36 x 32½ high(6 towers) configuration or 51’x43’x30’ high (4 towers) configuration ground support roof system with pre rigged trusses
Thomas two ton per tower 45’x35’x32½’ high (4 towers) ground support roof system with 12”x18” Super Truss
Available Semi Curve
Thomas 38’x33’x25’ 4 baby towers system 12”x18” truss also 38’x28’x23” & 28’x28’x23

Dance Floors

pistas illuminadas de baile



Acrylic White, Black & Checkers, LED Illuminated Black Floor, Flower Power Led Floor, Starlite Animation White Floor.
About Us
Servicing the entertainment industry since 1988, we have established ourselves as being innovators who are capable of meeting the most demanding production needs. Whether you have a big event or small one, Musique Xpress Lights, Inc. is the provider you can rely on.

“Our goal is to be the most responsive company in the lighting, staging and video industry towards our client’s needs both with superb service and state of the art equipment’s; constantly improving and designing more efficient ways of handling the challenges of everyday events.”

From mayor concert stadiums to amphitheaters and clubs, Musique Xpress Lights has established a solid reputation for superb technical service and excellent customer satisfaction. Our staff includes dedicated professionals from every walk of the entertainment community. From concept to design to set up and load out. We will back you up every step of the way with the latest gear and knowledgeable personnel.

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